(EG PRESS, London 2018, pagg. 241, € 12,48)

“This book is different from most of the academic and non-academic literature on prisons. It does not advocate prison reform. Instead, it makes the case for the prisons abolition. According to the authors, prison amelioration is an illusion, but abolition is an option – a real possibility, and certainly an issue worth of public discussion and political action – urgently. The aim of this publications is to stress the urgent need and the possibility of alternatives to imprisonment and to punishment. For that purpose, the bock is divided into three parts - a more theoretical one, a contextual one, and one char documents various anti-prison manifestos. But this is not (only) a book! It is the first step of a broader effort to promote the idea that a prison-free society is possible. Prisons are breeding grounds for nastiness, disease, and constant fear. It is high time to put an end to imprisonment – mot and branch, once and for all, without its or buts. We want to stimulate the creation of networks and to encourage the action of abolitionists worldwide, to actively promote alternatives way to deal with conflicts, based on more equal and caring communities”. © Tutti i diritti riservati

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